Friday, February 05, 2010

Boris Artzybasheff

Wow, it turned into an intense week of debate here at Today's Inspiration! Thanks to all who participated in the conversation.

Let's conclude the week with something a little lighter (if you can call the beautiful but creepy work of Boris Artzybasheff "lighter").

I'm not very familiar with Artzybasheff's work or the story of his career. But TI list member Ken Steacy certainly is - in fact Ken republished the 1954 book of the artist's work through his Ken Steacy Publishing company. The reprinting, unfortunately, is currently sold out.

But you can read Boris Artzybasheff's biography today at (Every Friday the askart biographies are visible in full length).


  1. Ken Steacy11:20 AM

    Thanx for the plug, Leif - our on-demand publishing venture proved to be more of an expensive hobby than a going concern, but we did realize some success, the Artzybasheff book included.

    The good news is that we made a deal with Titan Books in the UK to produce a hardcover recreation of AS I SEE, and it can be ordered from them - enjoy!

  2. woo I really like the first illustration because of the expressions and the colours that are related to the emotions
    great impact as an AD!

  3. That first illustration is truly great.
    Perhaps "Jealousy" would have been the most difficult of those expression to express. Boris did it, sovereignly.

    Probing into all that forgotten illustration stuff - you will never run out of substance, Leif!
    Great blog!

  4. I really like the image... Very well composed. And I like the colors and multilevel shapes.

  5. how i wish i can have all 5 of them,the illustration i like best is anger,such intensity!