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Album Covers: "sophisticated, enlightened artwork"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Robert M. Jones, Art Director, RCA/Victor Records, writing in the November 1960 issue of American Artist, concluded:

Though color photography presently dominates album cover art...

... there is evidence that the taste of the record buyer is maturing.

He is demanding a sophisticated, enlightened art work.

Musical content is also becoming increasingly important.

Fortunately, a semi-nude pretty girl is no longer enough to sell the product...

... to an audience whose taste in music is constantly being upgraded by quality recordings.

* My Illustrated Album Covers flickr set.


  1. Thanks Kathryn! :^)

  2. This entire series has been pure visual music! Even as a kid I would keep the albums from my parent's collection that had art on the covers. When I later started to buy my own I found an old record store in the East Village of NYC and bought dozens of old album expressly for the art. The first I ever remember buying were the McGinnis/McCarthy illustrated JAMES BOND soundtracks. Even at age 10 I apparently had good taste as a kid! LOL

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I have Dance To A Swing Organ!
    Groovin jazz organ tracks
    I bought it because of the cover.

  4. That "Organ Works" one on top looks like the influence of Milton Glaser.

    Great series!

  5. love the bach sleave.





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