Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sorry for the lack of new posts...

Today's Inspiration is going to take this week off while I attend to a personal matter. Thanks for your patience. - Leif

* While I'm away, here are some new places to visit for interesting, inspiring mid-century art and information:

We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie

Ariel S. Winter, We Too's creator writes, "about children's books written by significant "adult" authors... I sometimes focus on particular illustrators, for example Richard Erdoes, whose work definitely fits in with your aesthetic."

Paperbacks 1940 - 1947

Uilke Komrij (AKA UK Vintage on Flickr) who provided all those gorgeous paperback cover scans we looked at recently writes, "I made a set about the first paperback period. This was until the pulpcover influence interfered and the covers became sexy or GGA (stands for Good Girl Art). That wasn't bad but we must not forget where it all started. Their weapons were color, symbolic figures and lettering. So more attention to the design. I make the same mistake as I watch the views of the second period rise above those of the first period! I hope with this set we can focus a little on this colorful period."

Oleg Stavrowsky... "was an illustrator in the 50s and 60s, but moved into fine art (Western) when the illustration business started to peter out. At 83 he is still painting and more excited about it than ever," writes Oleg's son, Matt. With matt's help I hope to feature Oleg's mid-century work some day soon. For now, his magnificent recent work is well worth a look!

Finally, be sure to drop by Storyboard Central for a new post by my buddy Stuart Godfrey featuring a Coors spot he drew and, for comparison, the finished live action commercial!


  1. I'm not a religious person but bless you for your blog!

  2. Hope all is well, thank you for the excellent art, it truly is an inspiration!