Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More of Neil Boyle's Album Cover Art

Here's another of Neil Boyle's album covers - this one from 1963...


... and another, with just a touch of a cartoony quality to it.


But this second jacket contains an additional bonus; three really nice black and white interior illustrations by Boyle.


And for those who missed it, here's Neil Boyle himself doing a painting demo!

Thanks to Harold Henriksen for the link!

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  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    I was at that demo and still have it on vhs tape. In all, it's more than an hour long. Neil had a great sense of humor and what was amazing is during the demo he had us laughing continually all the while painting an exquisite portrait. -Tom

  2. I just wanted to say that I love the Boyle illustrations - I remember so many of them as a kid, not to mention many of the other artists you've posted. This is a treat for me - I recently 'found' your site and you've found the illustrations of my life! Thanks for keeping the "old" "new" again!


  3. Tom; Thanks for sharing your recollections of Neil Boyle with us yesterday. How great that you knew him personally - he sounds like a wonderful guy. The video gives us a glimpse of his infectious good humour and makes me wish I could have been there.

  4. Lori; thanks for your comment - I'm so glad you're enjoying this week's series on Boyle. I hope you'll continue to comment whenever the mood strikes you :^)

  5. Randy Mohr3:41 PM

    My family had the Tennessee Ernie Ford Hymn album when I was a kid, and I remembered I liked looking at the album artwork wa-a-a-y more than listening to the album!!

  6. Charlie Allen8:53 PM

    Good review of Boyle, Leif. Never met the guy but his energetic style helped change and give (the never ending change) illustration another nudge...and was inspiring to me. I saw, and competed, with Neil Boyle and some the other L.A. hotshots....and was glad we weren't in the same town. Must be truthful, though, I was disappointed with Boyle's just should have been better, given his skills at composition and design and drama. He had a marvelous loose style, but failed to top it off with the sharp drawing that the eastern illustrators displayed.

  7. Great video, funny guy! I'm loving a lot of his illos of his you've posted. Thanks!

  8. Charlie; Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Neil Boyle. I can't disagree with you - a lot of his work seems to waver between 'energetic' and 'rushed'. I think that's why it sometimes comes across as less than perfect in the draftsmanship department.

    I know a few artists who worked that way and I guess it comes down to what the individual's priorities are, eh?

  9. Randy and Kev; thanks for your comments :^)

  10. That painting demo video is great. What a lovely guy.