Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cliff Roberts' Children's Books

Recently I received a note from Ariel S. Winter, who publishes a terrific blog called, "We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie." Ariel wrote, "I wanted to let you know that I've posted a ton of Cliff Roberts art from his children's books on both my blog and my Flickr."

Cliff Roberts work has been very popular here on Today's Inspiration. My post showcasing images from "The Book of Jazz" which Roberts illustrated was especially well received. Thanks to Ariel's efforts you can now also see all the illustrations from "Thomas"...


... from "The Dot"...


... and even some of Cliff Roberts' gag cartoons for The New Yorker.


Be sure to visit Ariel's blog and Flickr archives of old children's books.

Many thanks, Ariel!


  1. These picture books look really attractive! I didn't know about Cliff Roberts before.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Read Aloud Dad


  2. i love the cat design..i really find it strange because when it comes to character designing it's always the classic designs that makes me say "gosh! why didn't i think of that design before" truly amazing!

  3. Lloyd; I know what you mean. That question was a big part of what motivated me to write the recent series on who influenced who: the mid-century animators vs the mid-century cartoonists. The character design sensibility of those guys was... stunning.