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Wow - 2000 Followers - and Counting!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week while I blinked Today's Inspiration got its 2000th follower - and the number continues to rise. As well, over 5,000 people subscribe to our RSS feed. Wow; I am always so amazed and gratified to know so many people enjoy the material presented on this blog. A heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement!


  1. I'm definitely just a lurker, but all this old illustration is so interesting! Thanks for taking so much time to gather all of it, and the commentary is great too!

  2. Daniel; Much appreciated - I'm glad you decided to comment :^)

  3. When your blog went "down" i was's as if it was my own blog that went down..that's how important your blog is..not just to me i guess but to others who truly appreciate what your sharing..please do not stop..ever!! kudos to you Mr. Peng! your the best!

  4. That's because it's lovely. Just lovely. I really enjoy looking.

    G'day from Australia. Please keep it up! xx

  5. thanks for sharing all the pretty things with us!

  6. Lloyd, Sarah, and Maria; thank you so much for your kind words. Reading your comments made my day. :^)

  7. Leif: You have a huge readership because you deserve it. Congratulations on cracking the two grand mark! I have followed your blog for years and consider your blog on of the greatest in the world. -- Mykal





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