Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Photo of Lucia Lerner!

I've been so busy at school this week with my involvement on the International Women's Day promotions committee that I didn't have time to put together Today's Inspiration. But when Steve Scott, who recently sent a couple of wonderful Lucia Lerner art scans, sent yet another small batch by the artist, I had to make sure I got them posted right away.

Not only did this latest gift from Steve contain another great Redbook cover by Lucia...


... it included a photo of the artist - wow! At long last, we now know what Lucia Lerner (whom her old co-worker Will Nelson described to me as "the queen" of the Stephens Biondi DiCicco art studio in 1950s Chicago) looked like.


Reading the brief description above about Lucia leaves me even more impressed than I've been since first beginning my research into Lucia's career. Lucia was a single mom raising a daughter on her own, a tremendously talented and successful illustrator and, from all accounts, a tough but fair business woman. All of which makes her exceptional for the times in which she lived.

What better person for a blog about mid-century illustration to celebrate during the week of International Woman's Day!


And speaking of International Women's Day, please take a moment to check out the work of my students in the Graphic Design program at Mohawk College. Each student designed and illustrated a poster of the woman of their choice and the top ten were selected by a jury of faculty members to be printed in multiples and displayed across all the Mohawk College campuses this week. You can see the top ten designs on our class blog.

* Thanks again to Steve Scott for his tremendous gift of these new scans, especially the rare glimpse of the artist.

* If you'd like to see many more examples of Lucia's work and read about her career, I've collected all my research on my Female Illustrators of the Mid-20th Century blog.


  1. Lerner's fantastic! Her work is so bold and lively! It barely feels dated. Always nice to see the artist behind the art, too! :)

  2. Lerner is truly magnifico! The fact that even the field of illustration was considered a man's game speaks volumes about how discouraged women were from building a professional career back then. Illustration calls for someone with a sense of beauty and rendering capabilities to convey a message--and that is definitely a gender-free skill! Hurray for Lucia!

  3. Anonymous3:20 AM

    I was reading about her on your blog previously and on the Female Illustrators blog, and then this week I found a picture by her in one of my Woman's Own magazines from the '50s! I'll post it up within the next couple of days on my own blog. I actually checked back here to see if you had any more information on her; lo and behold there was this! Thanks so much, really enjoying reading about a field I only recently found out about. Emma :)

  4. Hi there! I've just stumbled across your blog from 'Fuel Your Inspiration' and I am absolutely loving it!! I am a young Australian graphic designer, and I absolutely LOVE illustration and am in love with the fifties! =D

    I cant wait to keep reading more of this fantastic blog!! =D