Thursday, August 18, 2011

James Hill and "the ability to work with, rather than for, an art director"

From the March 1978 issue of Creativity magazine Hill27 Hill25 Hill26 Hill31 (Above and below: James Hill shares page space in various 1950s volumes of the New York Art Directors Annuals) Hill32 Hill33 Hill24 Hill10.JPG Hill09.JPG Hill22 Hill11.JPG Hill21 Hill30 Hill23 Hill29 Hill20 Hill04.JPG


  1. Thanks for the bonus Austin Briggs illustration.What a great drawing!
    His improvement from mundane Flash Gordon artist to stellar illustrator was immense- akin to the progress of the young Fawcett- beautifully covered in an earlier TI.

  2. That last spread is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. "they didn't want your work to look like somebody else's".

    Some Art Nouveau influence here IMO. Reminds me of Gustav Klimt.
    That blue Art Déco lady, for instance. Something similar by Klimt sold for 87 million Dollars at Christie's on 8.11.2006.

    The very "last spread", that beautiful garden: also looks quite Klimt-like, doesn't it?