Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brian Sanders: Personal Work, Gallery and Exhibition Pieces

Guest author Bryn Havord, following his overview of English illustrator Brian Sanders’ work produced in the 1960s, which we featured in April, continues with samples of Brian’s illustrations made during the 1970s and ’80s.

Brian has exhibited widely in mixed exhibitions, and one man shows have been held at The Imperial War Museum, York Castle Museum, The Association of Illustrators’ Gallery, National Trust Gallery at Trelissic, Cornwall, and The Sir Rowland Hill Museum.

Below, from small to very large; the half size study for H M Queen Elizabeth’s presentation of new Standards to The Royal Tank Regiment.


The final watercolour was over six feet wide and was accepted for exhibition by the Royal Academy in London.

The Frog and the Water Filter. This watercolour was accepted for an Association of Illustrators annual and exhibition...


... but vanished from the Woman’s Own offices before it could be shown.

Below, a bedroom in designer Laura Ashley’s house.


An exhibition of Brian’s personal watercolours was held at the Association of Illustrators Gallery in London in 1983.


Above: Mirror Mirror Below: Live Edge


Throughout his career, Brian has made many works purely for his own satisfaction.


Above is the Elysian Garden of Audley End House, which is close to where he now lives.

Concluded tomorrow.

* Brian was very pleased with the responses he received after his first blog was kindly published by Leif Peng back in April. His e-mail address is briansanders[dot]art[at]googlemail[dot]com

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  1. Looking at images 3 and 4 made me think of Steve Hanks' watercolor work, especially the women, quilt, and sunlight qualities. Very striking.