Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Free Art Contest with a Joe Bowler Prize!

Brian Neher got in touch with me this morning to let me know about a free online art contest that he’ll be having beginning next week.

Some great artists (including Joe Bowler, below, an illustrator that has been featured on "Today's Inspiration" several times in the past) as well as several art supply manufacturers and companies have helped sponsor the contest by donating one or more of their products to be included in the Grand Prize.


Brian asked for my help in reaching as many artists as possible so that they too could have the opportunity to showcase their work and enter for a chance to win the incredible Grand Prize that would help them in their studies. Anything that involves a Joe Bowler prize sounds like a worthy thing to promote -- so here it is.

Here’s a list of each participating sponsor and their donation:

• Richard Schmid ( Donated a signed copy of his book Alla Prima and also a copy of his book The Landscapes.

• Dan Gerhartz ( Donated a signed copy of his book Not far From Home.

• Joe Bowler ( Donated a set of his instructional art DVDs.

• Brian Neher ( Donated a complete set of 5 instructional art DVDs.

• Yale University Press ( Donated a copy of their book John Singer Sargent, Figures and Landscapes Vol. 5.

• Jack Richeson Co. Inc. ( Donated a $200 gift certificate towards the purchase of artist’s paint.

• Blick Art Materials ( Donated a $50 gift card.

• ASW Express ( Donated $100 in Lukas 1862 paint.

• Silver Brush Limited ( Donated a “Bart Lindstrom Adagio Portrait Set” of professional artist brushes.

• Jerry’s Artarama ( Donated a $100 gift card.

• American Artist Magazine ( Donated a one year digital subscription to their magazine.

Here's a little video Brian put on youtube for anyone interested in joining the contest:


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