Monday, June 25, 2012

Some Fun Stuff for Summer, Part 1

Summer officially arrived late last week, so I've decided to lighten up for a while. Today's Inspiration will continue - but I'll be doing less intensive research and writing and posting more "just for fun" stuff.

To kick things off, here are several pieces from a fun 1960 ad campaign for Sanka Instant Coffee.


I 'test-drove' a couple of these images yesterday on Facebook and Flickr and was very pleased by the response they received.


Many people 'Liked' or 'Favorited' them immediately - suggesting they must be as appealing to today's audience as they no doubt were some fifty years ago.


No surprise that these fun illustrations enjoyed such an enthusiastic reception...


... but genuinely surprising (to me anyway) is discovering that John Falter was responsible for painting these images.


Who was John Falter? Like I said, I'm cutting back on the heavy lifting for the summer. But try Google Image Searching the name "John Falter." I bet you'll be surprised too!


  1. Coffee and near-coffee is dear to most artists' hearts, I think. AND usually in hand when I skim social media...

    I really enjoy your blog; you spiked my interest in Bernie Fuch's work a while back. Thanks again for that and your presentations.

  2. Fun illustrations, beautifully done! I like these better than his more traditional Post covers.

  3. Many thanks DSM - that's really great to hear!

  4. Pat; I'm with you - I like these much more than most of what I've seen by Falter. How he came to be chosen for something like this I can't imagine... but he had a real knack for this cartoony style. A shame he didn't do more.

  5. That's some real leisurely fun stuff: Following your advice I looked at those John Falter Google images. All this awesome hyper-realistic stuff.
    In spite of being less realist/sophisticated, Sanka Coffee illustrations here have an enormous impact; not only on me as I hear...

    Enjoy the rather short Canadian summer, Leif, and thereafter Indian Summer;-)

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