Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tom McNeely's Automotive Art

"Automotive work was the financial backbone of the studios... when I was in my 20s and 30s," writes Tom McNeely in his book, Tom McNeely, 50 Years of Visual Arts


"My friend and fellow illustrator Will Davies and I produced many of the auto industry's catalogues, posters and newspaper ads"


After all these years, Tom was unsure if he actually did the art on this specific series of ads (although I'm quite sure he did). When I spoke with Tom earlier today he said, "Will and I didn't work together then - we were at competing studios - but we both worked on all the big automotive accounts for all the ad agencies."


Tom laughed, "The salesmen would come running through the studio says, "The client from Ford is coming through - put that Chrysler artwork away!"

* I previously wrote about Tom's automotive artwork and that period in his career. For those interested in seeing more of this type of work and reading Tom's recollections, click here.


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