Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Howard Terpning, Magazine Illustrator

Today most people think of Howard Terpning as one of America's premier western art painters. Terpning's prints and paintings can be seen at various art gallery websites... his originals have sold for over a million dollars. But long before his success as a cowboy painter, Howard Terpning was one of the best of the mid-century magazine illustrators.


Terpning had a distinctive painting style that I find very exciting and attractive. It must have appealed to magazine art directors of the time as well... Terpning's work appeared regularly in many popular magazines during his time working in New York in the 1960s.

Terpning10 has a very thorough biography of Terpning, which makes for interesting reading - I encourage you to take a look.


As I continue to focus on my summer plein air painting, I'll just share some early Terpning artwork with you and keep the words to a minimum. Enjoy!




* My thanks to Harold Henriksen for providing many of today's scans!


  1. Oh sweet, baby jesus...that's excellent stuff. I'd only seen his Western work up to this point.



  2. there is an interview of Termping (and other western artists) from 2008 on CBS this morning.

  3. Matt Dicke2:17 PM

    Awesome post btw! Keep those painters coming!

  4. Like Shane, I've only seen his Western stuff until now. Of course he'd be a terrific magazine illustrator as well. Thanks for the eye-opener.

  5. The illustrations in some cases were for McCall's magazine
    and in the 60s it was a large magazine. The art was more impressive
    because the size was so large. It was great to see art by great Illustrators
    in that size.

  6. Great work!I haven't much interest for western art,but I had to buy his book"The Art of Howard Terpning" just for the beautiful paintings.

  7. Lovely. They have a similar feel to Michael Johnson's work. The last one really feels like a Fuchs, and the posing of the couple too.