Saturday, September 08, 2012

The new TI Facebook Group

I created a new Today's Inspiration group on Facebook.


This group gives anyone who enjoys the images you see here on Today's Inspiration the opportunity to see even more mid-century illustration, design, cartoon and comic book art.

Members are invited to share their own scans with the group - but anyone who prefers to just view the images and/or comment on them is certainly welcome.

If you use Facebook and think you might like to join our group, click here to get started.


  1. It's a nice idea, Leif, but Facebook is so invasive and porous that I will not likely ever return to it unless I have to. For those of us who won't be in Facebook, I hope that you will maintain this blog to its usual fine standard.

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Great idea - but I must agree with Black Pete as I never had an FB account and I don't intend to arrange one...
    BTW - it's very nice logo, may I ask what type of fonts is used for "Today's Inspiration" banner?

  3. Thanks for your comments Black Pete and Anonymous. As mentioned in my post, the new group is only intended to appeal to you "if you use Facebook."

    Though I plan to continue posting to the TI blog, my current circumstances (as you may have noticed) leave me little time to create new content for the blog. The research, scanning, organizing uploading and composing required for these posts is a VERY labour intensive process. After many years of making this blog my first priority, I find myself needing (and wanting) to focus my attention elsewhere; on my teaching and my own artwork (which I had relegated to the backburner these past few years).

    The Facebook group has already attracted 500 members in the past week, and the community is sharing material, information and discussion in a way I've never been able foster here. In many ways, it's what I've been missing here on the blog for a long time. While I know many people visit TI every week and love what they find here, there's so little interaction with readers that it can be a little disheartening for the person doing the heavy lifting.

    I suppose the Internet and the way people use it is changing and I believe I need to - and want to - adapt to those changes.

    For those who prefer not to participate on Facebook, rest assured that I have every intention of maintaining Today's Inspiration in this form for a long time to come.

  4. Anonymous, thanks for the kind words about the new Fb group header. The fonts used were found online by searching "Free 1950s fonts" and are called TS Block Bold ("THE" and "GROUP"), Cherry Cream Soda regular ("Today's Inspiration"), and Maidstone plain ("Facebook").

  5. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Many thanks for your continuing work on this blog, Leif, it's just great job! And thank you for your advice about fonts used!

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