Thursday, October 03, 2013

Joe Krush, Condensed

Here's a short story from a 1960 volume of Reader's Digest Condensed Books, illustrated by Joe Krush.


I should say credited to Joe Krush. While I don't doubt that Joe took the ball and carried it for the majority of this assignment, since we know how often the couple assisted each other, it's highly likely Beth had an uncredited hand in the creation of these images.


Aside from the typically charming quality of these pictures, they also give us an opportunity to take note of Joe's skill in rendering something other than line.


Clearly he was as accomplished with paint and he was with ink.





"The Krushes have received numerous awards and honors for their work. Some of these awards are: Boys' Club Junior Book Award, Boys' Club of America, 1953; Newbery Award, 1957; Newbery Honor book, 1958; Vermont Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1958; Lewis Carroll Shelf Award, 1970; and Helen Keating Ott award for outstanding contribution to children's literature, Churchyard Synagogue Library Association, 1983." ~ The Joe and Beth Krush Papers


  1. Marriage can also be a happy thing; can't it?'-)

  2. Virginia Rinkel7:28 PM

    I like the John Singer Sargent effect of the first picture shown here, with lots of contrast. Seems as though the watercolor and line work was much more controlled, or completed 'all the way through' without much vignetting of line, and the watercolor wasn't allowed 'to run' and blend into another color or background. Still, very good drawing techniques. Thanks for posting these.