Thursday, November 17, 2005

No way!

That's what I exclaimed out loud the other day at my local Goodwill while flipping through a stack of old records and finding this near the bottom. I like to drop in there once in a while to look for old books or "ephemeral finds" when, in what must be the ultimate moment of synchronicity, this no doubt rarely seen Robert Jones cover painting presented itself to me.

The people around me who's heads I'd turned with my exclamation must have thought I'd just stumbled upon a valuable old James Brown album that I planned to sell on ebay for a small fortune, but frankly this was better. Well almost.

I had hoped to share one of Jones' humorous pieces with you but didn't want to scan something from Mad magazine since you probably all have a stack of old Mads stashed away in your basement anyway. So it was great good luck and amazing coincidence that this fabulous example should present itself at the right moment in time, and it cost me all of 25 cents. Take that, ebay!

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