Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Jones Does Crime...

...though rarely, I think. Where other Saturday Evening Post regulars like Stan Galli or Bernard D'Andrea often worked in crime or adventure genres for the magazine, this series, "Alibi for Murder" is the only example I've seen by Jones. He seems to have been called upon more frequently for romance features.

Going through these old magazines, I'm often startled at the shocking degree of brutality, especially against woman, that mainstream magazines of that time allowed their artists to graphically portray. In the context of the Leave it to Beaver world that those of us who were born after that time assume about the fifties, these images seem wildlly out of place.

Be that as it may, and though the vast majority of his work seems to have dealt with more "genteel" subject matter, when called upon to visually satisfy the public's bloodlust Jones was clearly up to the task.

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  1. Boy oh Boy, this here's the STUFF. Real essential bare bones perfect illustration. Expertly realized figure studies, compostions that make me cry, and renderings that are simultaniously loose and metered. This is what Inspiration looks like. Thanks Leif.