Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What more can I say...

that hasn't been said better or more thoroughly elsewhere? Only that once again we can see why Al Parker (1906-1985) was called "the illustrator of our times" by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1953.

You can find a biography of Al Parker here and of course many other examples of Parker's work on my site.


  1. I think I'm going to learn a lot from this blog ! -- and I especially like the Al Parker section on your website.

    Aurelius Battaglia (whom you introduced to me in 2007) now seems like Al Parker on Nitrous Oxide.

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  3. Chris; I'm very glad to hear that. I learn so much from my efforts with Today's Inspiration and its my fondest wish that the folks who read this blog do as well!

    Its been said that parker was always 6 months ahead of his peers, trying new techniques and approaches - and no doubt he saw the work of Aurelius Battaglia and others and found inspiration there which came through in his own work.

  4. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Brings back memories-
    whatever happened to Joe Kaufman? Award winning artist from 40's.

  5. My father, Craig Bollman, was art director at the Charles E. Cooper Studios in the 1940's. He and my mother were personal friends with Al & Evelyn Parker, Coby and Ginny Whitmore, and Jon Whitcomb. While my father passed away in Dec of '03, my 91-year-old mother is still living and very sharp. I have quite a bit of memorabilia that my dad left. I am posting a comment on in the event that someone has a particularly avid interest or a question that my mother might be able to answer.

  6. I wish Bonnie had left an email. Bonnie if you are still on this blog I would love to hear if your Mother has any memories of my Grandpa who worked at the CEC throughout the 40's. His name was Walter D. Richards, his wife, also an artist, was Glenora Richards. Thanks for the amazing blog Lief!