Friday, December 30, 2005

68 sets and counting

As the year draws to a close I've continued adding old Today's Inspiration scans to my Flickr account. There are now sixty eight sets of scans, organized alphabetically by artist and topic, and I'll continue adding more sets as time allows until the entire TI back catalogue is uploaded so check back often and enjoy!


  1. Fab! My fave is the Coronet pumpkin cover. Have a happy and creative new year.

  2. Hi Leif,

    Found your blog and I must say the way you named your Blog “Today’s Inspiration” it really serves the intention. The whole blog is very inspiring. Your posts help to give the knowledge of Old Artist’s amazing work and increase the motto to work efficiently and precisely and achieve the work as better as possible.

    I specially thank for posting 60 Artist’s work. I gone through them and wanted to know if you have any more work for Bernie Fuchs and Robert Heindel. If you can share this then it will be great.

    Hats off to your sharing talent!

    Thank you,
    Vidyanand Kamat

  3. Simply awsum, great pictures. really really love them. well done