Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow begins a new year for Today's Inspiration, but for those of you who decided to check in here today, some cool sets of old scans are available to soothe your pounding head and inspire you in a mellow way. Sit back, relax and click away while sipping on a nice hot coffee.

I have to take a moment to thank friends of the Today's Inspiration list who have contributed scans: René Milot, David Apatoff, Armando Mendez, Bill Wray and I know there are others I must apologize to for having forgotten - but please accept my thanks as well )

I love sending out Today's Inspiration to so many appreciative folks, but its a real buzz getting images back from other people's collections, and I'm happy to provide a place where everyone can enjoy and learn from our shared collection.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU in 2006!

1 comment:

  1. Leif, looking through your archive is like strolling through a garden, where each different illustrator seems to be a totally different species of flower. I pause to sample Austin Briggs #11 and I am struck by how Briggs captures light on water every bit as well as Manet. Then I linger at Joe De Mers #11, where I'm charmed by the way he has painted the hair on the woman with all the vigor of a Jackson Pollack abstraction, despite the fact that her face is tightly rendered. Next I look up and notice Harry Anderson #3 and I wonder "what miserable son of a bitch outbid me for this painting when it was auctioned off at Illustration House 5 years ago?"

    Each blossom seems lovelier, more ingenious or more entertaining than the one before. It's an enriching way to spend time. It makes me wish there was a way to compare notes on individual works.

    Thanks for putting this together!