Friday, December 09, 2005

Smokin' Santa!

Colliers Dec 1955, originally uploaded by leifpeng.

Just look at that nicotine - addled expression. Those were the days.

I originally had something else planned for today's Inspiration but a shipment of old mid-50's Colliers magazines arrived yesterday morning and this Santa was on the back cover of one of them. Well, what could be better than a smokin' Santa?

Only a boozin' Santa, of course, and as soon as I come across one of them you can bet you'll see it here first!


  1. I remember seeing this version of Santa from my childhood...why I don't know, because I was born in 1970. I guess my parents had decorations and other motif from that period. Regardless, I think that's why I identify with a lot of older illustration as part of my childhood. Great stuff...right up there with Sundblom's Santa work.

  2. Interesting how you compared this to Sundblom's Santas, S. I agree.

    D'you think this was done in watercolours? It just doesn't have that rich, warm creaminess you always see in Sundblom's Coke ads...

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Nice piece today, Leif.

    No luck tracking down Santa hawkin' liquor (at least not yet), but just in case anyone was asking "what's accu-ray"...

    Bill Angus

  4. Fascinating, Bill. And here I thought it was some bogus term invented over a slew of manhattans and rusty nails by a gaggle of high priced Madison Avenue ad men!

  5. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I would've thought so too...

    BTW, it seems Santa wasn't real strong on brand loyalty.

    From the always interesting, retro-advertising site

    Bill Angus

  6. Don't be fooled, Bill... that Camels smoker over at ephemeranow was of those cheap department store Santas.

    Everyone knows the REAL Santa likes "to put a smile in your smoking!"