Monday, December 12, 2005

A Valentine for Christmas

Good Housekeeping December 1956, originally uploaded by leifpeng.

Again, an illustrative mystery-man. After looking through a couple of hundred magazines from the 50's I can honestly say I've never come across another piece by this Valentine. And that's so odd, because he's (she's?) really very good!

The designy collage treatment reminds me of Al Parker while the actual drawing style seems vaguely Frederic Varady-ish, while the linear treatment is reminiscent of James Williamson.

Perhaps some more knowledgable TI list member has heard of Valentine and can enlighten the rest of us!


  1. An instructor of mine, the great Barbara Bradly, who worked in the same office as Al Parker during his hey day once told me he illustrated an issue of Esquire magazine. By himself. The whole issue. He used something like ten Psuedonyms.
    Not saying this is Parker, though it could be.

  2. I've heard of that issue, Daniel, but i heard it was Cosmopolitan... Sept. 53? I think, but no matter, its so cool to think of anybody doing such a thing. Of course, only Al Parker could accomplish such a feat. I hope to one day see that issue...

    If you ever get a chance you should interview your old instructor about what it was like working with Parker!

    I know that TI members would love to hear about it, especially me!