Sunday, December 18, 2005

TI Archives update

Some people may not have realized it yet, but I've been quietly moving the Today's Inspiration Archives off my website and into their new home at Flickr. Over the coming weeks you might like to check back frequently as, bit by bit, I add past TI scans - some going back to the very first batch I sent out about four years ago when the group had only ten or so members.

One of the cool things about my Flickr account is being able to check how many times different images or sets of images are viewed. For instance, after posting the Sundblom image last week and uploading the other Sundbloms to Flickr, that set of images quickly became one of my most viewed sets. (And the Coke ad with the two young ladies sunbathing became one of the most viewed images. Hhmmmm....)

There's no denying people love the "masters" so I spent a bit of time this weekend uploading other sets in the same vein: you can now peruse sets by Robert Fawcett, Harry Anderson, Andrew Loomis, and today's inspiring illustrator, William A. Smith.

To see images at larger sizes first click on the image, then on the "All Sizes" tab. Robert Fawcett fans ( and I know there are many of you ) might want to take advantage of the "original size" for downloading. I have uploaded that particular set at 300 dpi so you can revel in the lavish detail ( and annoying dot pattern ) of that set of scans.


  1. Leif, I am spending entirely too much time looking at the illustrations in the new archive you have set up. It is an absolutely wonderful resource. Where will it all end?

    The Harry Anderson picture of the boy in bed with the mouse is a virtuoso performance.

  2. Thanks Leif for all your efforts. It's a pleasure to browze through these illustrations!