Friday, January 06, 2006

A Garden of Faces

I want to thank David Apatoff of Illustration Art blog for generously providing me with the narrative for this week's TI focus on Robert Fawcett. Its been fun and informative and certainly the many emails I've received privately this past week concur with me - many thanks, David!

"For a change of pace, Fawcett occasionally liked to do a more traditional illustration of a sedentary group of people seated around a table or watching a speaker. The sport for Fawcett in such pictures was not to work out some complex design or innovative composition, but simply to come up with a garden of faces and expressions. Sometimes he went to comical extremes, as with his illustration of paunchy retired generals or his illustration of crusty English lords. In the illustration below, Fawcett's wife is on the far left and Fawcett is sixth from the left (with the moustache)."

Don't forget, you can see this image at its full size in my Robert Fawcett Flickr set.

Next week: As mentioned before, a look at the work of illustrator Pete Hawley. Many thanks to all the helpful folks who contacted me with leads on where I might find some info about Hawley. So far he remains a mystery but who knows, perhaps something will materialize by Monday morning!

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