Thursday, January 05, 2006

When He Illustrated Westerns

David Apatoff of Illustration Art blog continues his narrative on Robert Fawcett:

"Although Fawcett was most famous for his pictures set in English
drawing rooms, he also painted a number of illustrations from the wild
west. When he illustrated westerns, Fawcett was adamant about doing
it his way. He was once offered a highly lucrative commission to
paint cowboys for the hit musical, "Oklahoma!" but found that he was
not happy with his own efforts. He concluded that he was not suited
to paint theatrical cowboys, with pink shirts and flamboyant outfits,

and he returned the job to the client with the suggestion that they
find a different kind of illustrator. Most other illustrators would
adapted their style to suit the job. Not Fawcett."

These two images have been added at their full size to my Robert Fawcett Flickr set.

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