Monday, January 16, 2006

Great Art or Disgusting Garbage?

Until two weeks ago I had never heard of Thomas Vroman nor seen any of his work, as far as I know. But once I stumbled upon it, I was immediately captivated. At once primitive and sophisticated, Vroman's work would not be out of place in a contemporary magazine. We must certainly credit the editors at Collier's for choosing Vroman to illustrate their series, "The American Tradition", of which this was the first installment.

But I can almost understand how a reader could have had this visceral reaction to Vroman's work:

Art is a funny thing. Volumes have been written analyzing its nature but ultimately, our interaction with it is entirely subjective.

Related to this, a fascinating post on David Apatoff's Illustration Art blog. I encourage you to go read, think and comment.

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