Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thank you!

My thanks to Armando Mendez, who concludes his fascinating take on Pete Hawley today directly below this quick note. If you have never yet explored Mando's incredible website, do so now - you won't be disappointed!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented and contributed to this week's look at the mystery that is Pete Hawley. I'm very happy to provide a forum for our mutual interest in illustration from this period, but I feel greatly privileged to have your support and assistance in ensuring Today's Inspiration achieves its potential. Thanks to your participation, we are building a community and ensuring that this worthwhile artform continues to flourish.

I'm especially grateful to The Girdle Zone for contributing so many fine scans to this week - be sure to explore the treasure trove of photography, illustration and related commentary at

Also, thanks to Ken Steacy, who promises to have a new website up and running soon that will be of great interest to Today's Inspiration members. You'll hear about it here as soon as I do!

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