Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Help Wanted

Next week I'm planning on sharing some images by Pete Hawley with the TI group. Problem is, I know nothing about Hawley! My web searches have not turned up anything biographical and Hawley is not listed in "Illustrator in America". Can you help? If you know anything about Pete Hawley or know of a publication I might be able to reference ( or a website ) please email me ( click on my profile in the sidebar to find my email address ). Your help will be greatly appreciated by me and the readers of Today's Inspiration!


  1. I wish I could help, man. I love his work. I'd ask Shane Glines, actually...he's an authority on his work I do believe.

  2. Now you're talking...Pete's one of my favorites...he had such beautiful range to his work.

  3. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Actually I just got this info on him from in case that doesn't work - I'll type what info I printed. These 2 pictures were done by Warreh Hardman who worked for American Greetings in the 60's. He worked under the name Hawley which was a combo of Hardman and Walley - who was his uncle that put him thru art school. If you look at the pics that Pete Hawley signed he always signed Pete Hawley. Warren Hardman always signed Hawley. Hope this helps ya all out. btw - I googled Pete + Hawley as I just came across 2 more of the fiberglass prints. YAY ~d

  4. Thanks d; sounds like an interesting new wrinkle to the Pet Hawley mystery.

    I'll pass it along to my art director friend at AGC and see if he can shed any light on the matter.