Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Selfish Love

"He was a commercial artist who'd had a good run of luck, and he'd decided he could now afford something long dear to his heart - a solid year of painting and experimenting without feeling the need to sell anything." Now that's something the rest of us can envy!

Cliff and Betty head off to a remote little town and a rented cottage where they immediately insult the locals with their brusque city attitude. Suddenly their selfish desire to be alone turns into a miserable sense of isolation. Things are finally resolved when Cliff needs rescuing from a pond where he has fallen through the ice trying to rescue a duck. Yup, I said "a duck".

The moral of the story? Don't selfishly hog your love, your neighbours need some lovin' too. Either that or let the dumb duck freeze already. Sheesh!

More art by Lynn Buckham here.

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