Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's it all about?

Why did I start the Today's Inspiration blog? Cat Morley of Designer's Who Blog asked me questions, and I answered them for her special Illustration Edition of Creative Latitude.


  1. Leif, I got a huge kick out of your interview! You were downright poetic, talking about how art schools are like orphanages, and the desire of the designer or illustrator to be known for their work. (Of course, there used to be days when celebrity illustrators such as Charles Dana Gibson set the style for the country, or illustrators like Howard Chandler Christy or George Petty were treated like movie stars. And those Maxfield Parrish calendars added a touch of beauty to living rooms in homes across the country. Those days ain't coming back soon!) It was nice to get a glimpse behind the scenes at TI, to read about your original inspiration and about how long it takes you to put one of these postings together.

    I also think it is very interesting that the same technology that helped snuff out the old culture of illustration can, when seized upon and adapted by imaginative people of good will, create the means for a new culture of illustration, where artists can network, share tearsheets, opportunities, ideas, and basically pool their resources in a way that they could never do when they were working in isolation.

  2. Thanks David! I must give a big shout out to cat Morley for giving me the opportunity to espouse my philosophy on Creative Latitude. "Imaginative people of good will" - I like that. We should all step forward and take a bow. ;-)