Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Boingboing Effect

Whew! It was a crazy week here at Today's Inspiration. We were the lucky recipients of two mentions on first for my Flickr set of Ads with Cartoon Elements, then a day later for this past week's look at "Nekkid Ladies" as it was described.

What's it mean to get boingboinged? Well, since beginning the Today's Inspiration blog, a little over 14,000 visitors have dropped by. An average of 120 have been loyal daily readers. In the two days after being linked by boingboing over 15,000 people clicked through to check us out - more than the grand total of all visits in the previous 4 months! Since then about 1,600 people came by for another look on the following day.

How many will stay with us is yet to be seen, but if even only a handful remain, that would be great. If you are a new reader, or if you went to the extra effort of joining the Today's Inspiration mailing list, welcome!

So far we know you like cartoons and naked ladies... but the 50's offered a lot more in the way of beautiful illustration. Please feel free to email me with your requests for topics or specific classic illustrators you'd like to see featured. And I encourage everyone to post your comments. Whether comical or critical, your feedback is important to me - I'd love to know what you think about Today's Inspiration!


  1. I'm here just for the nekkid ladies.

    Congratulations, Leif! You deserve it.

  2. Thanx Ward! I'll keep those nekkid ladies comin'! ;-)

  3. nothing against nekkid ladies, but i'm here for the nostalgia, though I did find out about you from boingboing

  4. Welcome, Sarah! I think you'll find plenty of nostalgia here as well! :-)

  5. great illustration....just recently acquired a love of readers digest novels, and yes i think this place may be inspiring.... lovely work