Saturday, March 18, 2006

Flickr has flaws

As much as I love my Flickr account, its not without its complications: I discovered this past week what it means to be NIPSA'd.

There are a bunch of great folks on Flickr who are scanning and sharing vintage ephemera with the hopes of keeping all these long forgotten visuals from being lost forever. Flickr is a great site for storing and organizing and sharing all this stuff but in its current incarnation Flickr is not intended for anything but photos.

This policy means that unless you are a member of a pool like the one I co-administer, Mid-Century in Print, you cannot see any of the images the NIPSA'd contributors have added to the pool. In my case, the nearly 600 images I have contributed to Mid-Cent are invisible to you if you have not joined the pool.

You can still see these images in my photostream but then you're not seeing all the images contributed by others unless you hop over to the pool - or to the other contributors photostreams.

This is probably starting to make your head spin!

Until Flickr Central comes up with a new policy this is just the way its going to be. So if you want to see everything in one place, open a free Flickr account and become a member of Mid-Century in Print!

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  1. Justin11:45 AM

    Thanks for the heads up. I made sure to join the group so I could see everything.