Monday, April 17, 2006

The Great American Pastime

No other sport seems to have been represented in story, news and art during the 1950's more than baseball. Boxing was a popular subject, and I've got some great football illustrations by Fred Ludekins. I have one illustration of hockey from an old issue of American magazine. But baseball hit a homerun with the audiences of mainstream magazines during that era. It truly was "the great American pastime".

I love this ad for Goodyear because the artist didn't just show a huge crowd of backs-of-heads. Spend a minute looking at the larger size of this image on my Flickr account. Its really a very amusing piece. I feel like I should know who the unsigned artist was (was it Gilbert Bundy?) and I keep coming back to the fellow on the far right in the - what is it? - a barbershop quartet hat?

Didn't people stop wearing those in, like, the 1920's?


  1. The hat in question is a straw boater or skimmer; pretty much out of fashion for everyone but British schoolboys out rowing by 1930. It is a traditional hat for summer, but then again, so are the in-fashion Panama straw hats on the old men in the second row in there. Totally mysterious that the artist included it (and not even on an old-timer).

  2. Thanks for the info, dyna. Maybe the artist decided to include it since there are so many other amusing details of character in the piece ( like the little boy making a funny face at the camera ).

    Really enjoyed seeing your excellent work on your site, btw! :-)

  3. I know this had to be published in Saturday Evening Post on May/7/1960. Still looking for the artist.