Monday, May 01, 2006

Not The Girl Next Door

From TI list member Armando Mendez's excellent Rules of Attraction:

The Girl Next Door had many characteristics, hard to describe but immediately recognizable in both illustration and photography. She was young, on the cusp between child and adult, and had the still developing features of the young, the full, heart-shaped face and thin-thick lips, with a clean mass of hair and unmarked skin. (Elvgren said the right combination for a pin up was a 15 year old face on an 18 year old body.) She wore no make up and had naturally shaped dark eyebrows, had pretty rather than beautiful looks and possessed an unaffected full-of-life personality that bespoke both humor and intelligence.

Coby Whitmore did not paint "the girl next door". Whitmore painted women.

Half Hollywood movie star, half New York socialite, a Whitmore woman was always a little older, a little wiser - a little more aware of the power she had over men.

This week we'll look at five of Whitmore's women.

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