Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"...to show off the feminine figure..."

From the pages of Corset and Underwear Review, February, 1947:

Today, the corset which we now refer to as the foundation, adds beauty and comfort to the figure. It is supple and follows the natural lovely curves of the feminine form which it accents to the nth degree, while not in any way suppressing or oppressing the figure. The new daytime silhouette as well as the glamorous evening contour with high-molded torso and hand-span waist is styled to show off the feminine figure to most gracious and lissome effect. Only the woman, immaculately corseted, can feel the superb consciousness of perfect grooming, the first prerequisite to her charm. Now, as in the past, the corset industry, with its innate understanding of fashion trends, brings to smart women everywhere the intimate garments they love. Long live the modern version of true corsetry.

Excerpted from The GirdleZone

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