Friday, July 14, 2006

The Charles E. Cooper Studio

"The Charles E. Cooper Studio, from its inception in 1935, throught the next three decades...held a preeminent position in the commercial art world", writes Neil Shapiro in the current (#16) issue of Illustration magazine.
This week, a look at some rarely seen ads for the Cooper studio from a trade publication called Art Director and Studio News, with accompanying text from the article graciously provided courtesy of the author and Illustration magazine editor Dan Zimmer. To read the full, fascinating story be sure to order a copy of the magazine. Part 2 of Neil's article will be appearing in Illustration #18.


  1. Great stuff, Leif! Thanks for this week's series--I really enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you, Chrissie! That means a lot to me - but I really must give the credit to Neil, for his excellent writing and to Dan Zimmer, for allowing me to excerpt the article.