Saturday, July 15, 2006

"You certainly get interesting email."

That's what a friend wrote to me recently and he's right. He was referring to something I had forwarded to him... these photos and the accompanying note from the owner of a damaged piece of original art by Coby Whitmore. "Is it possible that this is of Marilyn Monroe?" he wondered. The owner had found my blog while searching for info on the artist. I sent him to The Illustration House's Walt Reed, because Walt simply is the leading authority on such matters. Sure enough, Walt was able to provide some good background information and a professional assessment of the piece:

Your picture is not of Marilyn Monroe. I recognize the model as one that Coby Whitmore used for several early story illustrations while he was at Cooper studios.
It is sad to see the condition. There are many paint losses and some bad attempt at restoration on an arm. By all means it should be repaired, but by a competent professional. Coby usually worked with designer's colors, a water soluble water color made by Winsor and Newton. It may cost a few hundred dollars, but well worth the investment, the picture is not worth much as it stands.

The owner asked me to pass along to readers that he will entertain serious offers for the piece. Anyone interested can email me and I will put you in touch with him.

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  1. Gotta love Walt Reed. For encyclopedic knowledge of the illustration field, generosity in sharing that knowledge, meticulous research and intellectual curiosity, there is nobody like him. He is a national treasure.