Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pete Hawley's cute kiddies

Perhaps it was the cute kiddies Pete Hawley did in the late 50's for Bell Telephone that led to this (early 60's?) series of collectable wall-plaques. They are offered on ebay with great regularity. I had seen some small photos of them there but it was through the generosity of Margeret-Ann McCornack that I was finally able to add some decent size scans to my Pete Hawley Flickr set.

"I don't have any recollection of where I bought the plaques. Most likely in 1972 or '73 at a yard sale in Connecticut to decorate my (then) little girl's room." writes Margeret-Ann.

I'm very grateful that she took the time and effort to scan and send these plaques so that we could all enjoy them again - many thanks, Margeret-Ann!

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  1. I Have got three of these plaques.and would like to know if they are worth any thing.can you please e-mail me back at thank you Kim.