Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Extra Dash of Dorne

Its the weekend so pull up a hot cup of Sanka and enjoy a few extra pieces of Albert Dorne art I had left over from this past week's posts. You'll want to go to the full size version of this ad to enjoy the details in this comic strip-style ad.

Another of the multitude of Frigidaire ads Dorne painted - this one with amusing little spots that need to be seen up large to be fully appreciated.

And finally, a couple more from the 50's, when Dorne's output had dropped off substantially as his duties to The Famous Artists School increased exponentially.
I've got one more Imperial Whisky ad by Dorne - but I'm saving it for Christmas. Sorry. But don't forget, there are 37 Dorne scans that can be viewed at full size in my Albert Dorne Flickr set. Enjoy the weekend!

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