Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Gift Friends Always Use

TI list member Brian Postman has been sharing with me a wealth of rare, classic illustrations from his collection for some time now. This 1956 cover from Famous Artists Magazine by Al Dorne is only one small example. Many thanks, Brian!A gift of Al Dorne art is a gift friends can always use so today friends, I'm re-gifting you with Brian's beautiful scan. Its a perfect fit to accompany this other Xmas-themed Dorne ad I was holding back until the Countdown to Christmas.

They're both now tucked away in my Albert Dorne Flickr set for your viewing pleasure.


  1. The countdown with Christmas pictures is a very pleasant idea.Thank you for doing this.

  2. Thanks mir - I appreciate your comment! :-)

  3. Every time I see an Albert Dorne illustration, I'm struck by what pleasure he obviously took in creating pictures. I suppose some might find his imagery corny, but he was such a cool draughtsman. Years ago I was lucky enough to view some original Dorne drawings, in the collection of Ben & Jane Eisendtadt -- a great experience. Thanks again, Leif.

  4. How lucky for you to get to see some Dorne originals, Neil! I agree with you about the obvious pleasure he must have taken in the act of picture creation - that certainly speaks to his almost legendary childhood remark about his intentions to become a famous artist, doesn't it?

    And a lot of his work is hokey but so what, I say! ;-)