Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Robert Bugg - A Big Talent

Despite his diminutive-sounding name, Robert Bugg was big on talent.If certain illustrators might be categorized as "Sundblom-ish" or "from the Al Parker school" of designy illustration, then I'd place Robert Bugg squarely in Albert Dorne's camp.

Like Dorne, Robert Bugg was equally adept at drawing and painting humorous, caricatured styles as he was at more realistic interpretations. And like Dorne, his work always radiates a certain homey, smalltown charm, even when the subject matter is supposed to suggest an air of sophistication.

But perhaps the most telling parallel is that both Dorne and Bugg were able to create effortless-looking crowd scenes. I've always had the greatest admiration for any illustrator who can do that!

To fully enjoy today's image, make sure you take a moment to look at the details at full size.


  1. Once again, Leif, you've introduced me to a TERRIFIC illustrator I wasn't aware of. I love Bugg's stuff! I think his more humorous stuff is far superior to his more 'realistic' work, which is (to me, anyway) pretty bland. His line work is excellent; like most of my favorite illustrators his drawing ability shines through. Great crowd scenes.

    Have you ever done much analysis of Hank Ketchum's work? I know that question may seem to come out of left field, but look at Ketchum's line work sometime, & I think you'll see similarities.

    Thanks again!

  2. I must echo Neil's comments, a real pleasant discovery. I love the quality of his line.

  3. Hey, thanks for your comments, guys - its great to know you're enjoying discovering Robert Bugg's work!

    Neil; I have been setting aside Ketcham pieces of the non-Dennis the Menace variety for a future series on Today's Inspiration - I think your dead-on with your observation about about his linework. :-)

  4. That's great news, Leif! Dennis the Menace is being drawn by two other guys now (can't remember their names), & they're doing a fine job -- but in my opinion, you simply can't touch Ketcham's line work. I know he did non-Dennis stuff, & I can't wait to see what you've got.