Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Santa Sells Smokes!

If you thought Santa was only a spokesman for harmless stuff like Coca Cola (he said with barely a hint of sarcasm) you may be shocked to discover that The Jolly Ol' Elf used to shill for Big Tobacco.The best Smokin' Santa I've come across I already ran in a post last Christmas but the cute little fellow above sure makes Camels look pretty appealing. However, if any kids are reading this, I assure you that the guy just below is not Santa - he's obviously a sales rep from Pall Mall in a fake beard and rented Santa suit. Don't be fooled kids - smoking is bad for you! Finally there's this stogie-chompin' Santa by illustrator Enoch Bolles, contributed once again by Bolles' biggest fan, Jack Raglin. Jack was pleased by the great reaction his story and scans received yesterday and, to that end, he has set up a Flickr account, named appropriately bollesbiggestfan, where you'll be able to see a few more Christmas-themed illustrations by Enoch Bolles. Many thanks, Jack!

*All of today's scans have been added to my Smoking! Flickr set.


  1. Great stuff this week, Leif! (Gotta love that 'Puff Chart'--LOL)

  2. Yikes! Did you see the Youtube or the Flintstones hawking Marlboros? I think I posted it on my site - I'll do a quick search...