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What's Up with the Necco Wafers?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You know, I never had a Necco Wafer when I was a kid, but I've had friends tell me that they were awesome.Well friends, I'll have to trust you on that one - what I do know is that Necco Wafers ran some awesome ads, and not just at Christmas time. I've been setting some other Necco wafer ads aside for another time...No other candy company went to the trouble or expense of running such nice full-page, full colour ads in mainstream magazines, at least not for a "kids candy". Those Necco Wafers must have really been something else.

We'll be looking at some other candy ads before Christmas, but I wanted to showcase these on their own. You can see them at full size in my Retro Christmas Flickr set.


  1. They still make them, you know!

    As I kid, I wasn't totally sold on their awesomeness myself though. I thought they were chalky. As far as Necco goes, give me a sky bar anyday!

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  3. My Latin teacher in high school pointed out that the name 'Necco' is awfully close to the Latin word 'neco' -- 'I kill'! I still think about that whenever I see Necco wafers.

  4. bonnie-ann black4:53 PM

    Neccos may have retained their position in the candy world by virtue of their having been developed for the troops in World War I. their selling point was that they stood up under the harshest conditions and didn't rot or break down (though, i suppose, they did actually break upon occasion). i confess to having loved the chocolate ones, but probably wouldn't taste one today. they're like communion wafers without all the flavor -- or for you non-catholics, like eating the paper off that other hoary favourite -- the Dots!

  5. Well thanks for that, bonnie-ann. Now I know for sure that I can get through the rest of my days without tasting a Necco wafer! ;-)


    I never muched cared for Necco wafers--as candy--but for sheer visual appeal, they beat the hell out of Milk Duds or Mounds Bars. Those soft, powdery pastels, that simple, perfect shape, I mean what else could one ask for? I trace my lifelong love for multicolor polka dots--Harlequin Ware dishes, paper-punch confetti, the classic Marshmallow sofa & Hang Ten coat rack, Gene Meyer ties--back to my first encounter with a roll of Neccos.


  7. sarah;

    See? I had a feeling about that. And yes, I noticed Necco wafers in some of those retro candy stores that you find these days. They are really an old fashioned candy though, aren't they? Like licourice pipes and sherbert fountains. I'm sure my kids, who grew up on Nerds and Skittles, would turn their noses up at Necco wafers! ;-)

  8. magnaverde; I completely understand. Presentation is very important and for sheer design appeal, Necco wafers are money, baby.

  9. Anonymous5:28 PM

    The formula for Necco wafers has been changed and they are now "all natural" more artificial flavors or colors. They're a lot duller looking and the green ones appear to be gone, but the ones that are left taste pretty good. They're a good diet candy since they are fairly low calorie and last a long time.





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