Monday, February 12, 2007

Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Its a cold white world outside my window. They just announced on the radio that a huge snowstorm is scheduled to dump on us for the next two days. I probably shouldn't complain... winter came late this year - but frankly, I'm already sick of it. I'm done. Finito. Summer can't arrive soon enough.

Perhaps the editors at McCall's felt the same way back in February 1952 and that's why they decided to run this seasonally incongruous story, teasingly illustrated in bright white polka dots by Cooper studio top dog, Jon Whitcomb. Perhaps they felt as I do -- that if we can't have some warm weather right now, let's at least dream about hot sunny days, beaches and pool parties -- and bathing suits. Lots and lots of bathing suits. And in my humble opinion, nothing fills a bathing suit better than a lovely female figure.

I thought, since we looked at one of the Cooper Studio's finest last week, Joe De Mers, the best way to segue into this week's topic would be to show the work of some of his studiomates. As you can see from these examples by Whitcomb, Jones and Bowler, the artists at the Cooper Studio were kind of experts at this sort of thing.

So pull on a sweater, grab a mug of hot cocoa, turn up the thermostat and join me, won't you, for a week of sun, surf and bathing beauties.

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