Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer is for kids

Aahh summer! When you're a kid (and I know most of you were probably kids at one time) summer means freedom. It means sleeping in and eating sugar cereal every day for breakfast and riding your bike all over the place - maybe even to the school yard, just to gloat at the locked doors and windows - and staying out 'til half an hour after it gets dark... and lemonade stands.

Oh yeah - and Father's Day!

Yes, Father's Day, the most underwhelming day of the year. On Mother's Day there's flowers and chocolates and maybe even dinner out at a fancy restaurant. And "Every Day is Kids' Day", as our parents used to say... but Father's Day always strikes me as a bit of an afterthought. And by the almost complete lack of ads promoting Father's Day in my collection of old magazines from the 50's, I'd say advertisers pretty much felt the same way.

So what do you get the guy who goes off to work every day to keep a roof over your head and food on the table? Why, underpants, of course! Now that's the way to celebrate a holiday!

Because nothing says, "I love you Dad" like a good ol' pair of Fruit of the Loom dad-size underpants. Happy Father's Day, everybody!


  1. Great paint job on the "Lemunade" piece. The faces on those kids are excellent.

    I'm surprised the illustrator didn't paint a couple letters backwards like they used to do on the club houses in "Our Gang". :)

  2. By the way, Leif, are these last two ad illustrations in one of your Flickr folders? I'd love to see the much larger versions.

  3. Les; You're so right about that "Lemunade" piece - I am in awe at how well the anonymous illustrator was able to capture such idealized cuteness... its absolutely flawless commercial art cuteness!

    I have another piece by the same artists, also for Thermos, which I will post during a week of "Cute Kids".

    I haven't added these to any of my sets yet. I'm not sure how to categorize them. But You'll find them at the top of my Flickr photostream for now.

    Thanks for commenting!

  4. This Fruit of the Loom ad is great. What are the copyrights on this if any? I would like to use this in a Father's Day Concert Ad for a local a capella group with modifications, removing any FOL stuff.

  5. ps - It would be great if you have a higher resolution scan