Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Online Gallery: Real Retro Source

Long time TI list member Bruce Hettema contacted me recently to let me know that he has created an online gallery of illustration art culled from the archives of his company, P&H Creative Group, formerly Patterson & Hall.

Bruce had previously written about the history of Patterson & Hall for Illustration magazine #19 as well as here on the blog...

... and was key in connecting us with P&H illustrator extraordinaire, Charlie Allen. We learned a great deal about Charlie during a week-long look at his career.

Now you can see many more rare examples of artwork produced in-house at P&H over many decades, going all the way back to 1921.

This is just a tiny sample of the gorgeous work you'll find in Bruce's gallery. Go feast your eyes on the wealth of images at Real Retro Source - and many thanks to Bruce for making these treasures available for all to enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much - truly inspirational.

  2. The figure walking beneath those massive trees is one of the finest uses of forced perspective I have ever seen. The second I saw the piece, I went,"WOW!" I live up here in New Hampshire and, much like poet Robert Frost, I've often taken hikes through deep,dark forest. What this artist does is imbue those woods with a majestic nature that is at the same foreboding. As if something bad is going to happen here. Just amazing.