Wednesday, April 23, 2008

People Send Me Stuff: Part 3

Recently I received the paperback cover below in the mail. The owner had contacted me to see if I would like to have it, because he was going to throw the book away.

What could I say? I hated the thought of such a beautiful Sandy Kossin illustration going in the trash. Of course I said yes - please send it.

Sandy Kossin must have done a lot of paperback covers. The ones I've seen have always been uniquely creative in their style and execution - like so much of Sandy Kossin's other work.

And the reason I've had the opportunity to see some examples of Kossin's paperback cover art is because of the hard work and generosity of a fellow Flickr archivist, Kyle Katz. Kyle has an astounding archive of paperback covers organized by artist names. You could literally spend hours looking through this collection.

So thanks today to Eric Bernard for sending the Kossin paperback cover at the top of this post... and thanks to Kyle for sharing what must surely be the most comprehensive paperback cover collection anywhere online.


  1. Sandy Kossin told me that he has done so many paperback covers that even he can't remember all of them!

  2. Thanks for that, Mike! I should also have mentioned that Sandy wrote to me a while ago that ... "My influences were in part: Kathe Kollwitz, German expressionist, David Stone Martin, Ben Shahn" - which I think is evident in his work here. Great inspiration we could all learn something from!

  3. My dad, Harry Bennett, knew Kossin back in the day always loved his work.