Tuesday, April 22, 2008

People Send Me Stuff: Part 2

One of the happy results of my recent posts on William A. Smith was hearing from Kim Smith, the artist's daughter. Kim very kindly sent me a catalogue from a 1996 show of her dad's work at the James A. Michener Art Museum.

With Kim's permission, I am very pleased to share a few examples of WAS's magnificent work from that catalogue with you today.

We will very certainly be revisiting the life and work of William A. Smith in the future. Kim, her brother Rick, and her mom, Ferol, have all been relating some great anecdotes that you will eventually get to read here. And I have been scanning more of Smith's art from my magazine collection to accompany those stories.

But that's for another time. For now, enjoy these images at full size in my William A. Smith Flickr set.


  1. Power, majesty and grace, all elements of these beautiful pieces.
    I'm currently reading a fantasy novel set in New Orleans and that last painting of the actor seated in the alley just blows me away. Everything from composition to the humorous
    use of color here just captures the feel of Mardi Gras via one lonely soul. Amazing.

  2. The link seems to be broken. Here's the URL of the set:


    The boxing picture and the man with the white paint are both really striking.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Colin - I have fixed the link. ( must stop blogging while talking on the phone ).

    Ron; thanks for that terrific comment - I'm very happy you found that piece as powerful as I did.

  4. The comment by Ron Fortier makes me see and appreciate the painting of the black actor in whiteface
    even more than I did before. The painting was one of the most memorable ones from my childhood. I always wondered why he had white all over his head!

    The boxing painting I believe to be one of the best he ever did, and the Michener Museum purchased it from the show for their permanent collection.

    Thanks yet again, Leif.

  5. thanks for this, leif....i didn't know this exhibition catalog even existed....so,i checked online and located a copy!.....i've always admired william smith's work......btw,i also found a bunch of great stuff on austin briggs, which i will be sending you some scans of soon....best,brian...