Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey There, Georgi Girl!

There's just no denying it, Edwin Georgi had a talent for illustrating women.

Recently, a TI list member requested a look at some Edwin Georgi artwork. I was only to happy to comply. Georgi's delicious damsels have long been a favourite of mine.

He must have been a favourite of Cosmopolitan magazine's art director as well. Robert C. Atherton commissioned all of these pieces from Georgi - and many more - during his tenure at the magazine. In fact, had speed dial existed back in the day, I'm sure Edwin Georgi's studio number would have been on every major magazine art director's list, especially when the job called for the depiction of a lovely gal or two.

The good folks at The Society of Illustrators are actively seeking out the estate of Edwin Georgi at this time. Its my hope that some Georgi family member or friend will stumble across this week's posts and get in touch. Its certainly happened plenty of times before with other illustrators we've showcased here. If you're reading this and can help locate the Georgi family, drop me a line.

My Edwin Georgi Flickr set.


  1. I can wax obsessively about this man's work until the cows come home. As stunning as a Georgi woman is, it's the colors that adorn them and their world that leave my eyes glistening with awe.

    I hope you and the Society get hold of someone from Georgi's estate. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Fabolous art indeed, thanks for sharing Leif!

  3. Thanks for the plug Leif.

    If anyone has any contact for the Edwin Georgi email me at

    Great Blog!


    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      A book just released Dec 2017 by Daniel Zimmer, ‘The Art of Edwin Georgi’, profiles Georgi’s life and over 250 of his illustrations.