Monday, December 08, 2008

The Storybook Style is the Christmas Style

As discussed in previous posts, advertisers found plenty of opportunities to employ the Storybook Style, as it was defined by the Golden Books group of artists: Art Seiden, Aurelius Battaglia, the Provensens, etc.

At no time of year was this more evident than at Christmas - a natural fit for illustration reminiscent of childhood, fairy tales, toys and decorations.

Unfortunately, most of this artwork went unsigned. But ocassionally, for those of us keen to identify and catalogue the work of specific mid-century illustrators, even the hint of a signature on a small spot like this is enough to verify a hunch.

I was thrilled to see Naiad Einsel's neatly printed name on this quartet of Christmas characters.

Newer readers will not regret going back through the Today's Inspiration archives and reading about Naiad and her husband Walter's careers, first posted in June 2006.

Want to see more? There are plenty of other examples in my Mid-Century X-mas Flickr set.

And for even more examples (though not necessarily with a Christmas theme) go to my Ads with 50's Storybook Styles Flickr set.

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  1. Jasper2:55 PM

    Wonderful pictures. I love every one.